Samay – Ek Sashwat Satya!!! (Time – The only truth!!)

Time – An inevitable truth. Human – An untamed breed. Who is more powerful - The never-satiating desire of human to grow beyond leaps and the inevitable dominance of time since ages. Time and time, we have seen the world evolve, the technology revolutionizing the world and human getting more powerful. But if we think … Continue reading Samay – Ek Sashwat Satya!!! (Time – The only truth!!)

His last wish!!

They were tensed. They could not find Meera in that crowded place. The family was very much stressed and wild thoughts were creeping into everyone’s mind regarding the 8 year old Meera. Suraj and Raghav were scared to face Manyata and were wondering how would they face her now as they lost her daughter. Everyone … Continue reading His last wish!!