A last conversion with “Shame”

Hi Guys, How are you all doing? My today’s post is about the fading humanity and moral values in the society and one of the very sad victims of this situation is “Woman”. Yes, the “Woman”, “Devi” or many other names that is used to describe her. It feels very unfortunate to see the modesty … Continue reading A last conversion with “Shame”

Three Days Three Quotes Challenge (Day 3)

Today is the 3rd and last day of this challenge. Beautiful Pen of Help break the silence nominated me for this challenge and yeah I want to thank her because due to this at least I am writing daily. Well, today I would write a very simple quote which my mom always tells me whenever … Continue reading Three Days Three Quotes Challenge (Day 3)

Samay – Ek Sashwat Satya!!! (Time – The only truth!!)

Time – An inevitable truth. Human – An untamed breed. Who is more powerful - The never-satiating desire of human to grow beyond leaps and the inevitable dominance of time since ages. Time and time, we have seen the world evolve, the technology revolutionizing the world and human getting more powerful. But if we think … Continue reading Samay – Ek Sashwat Satya!!! (Time – The only truth!!)