Reconnecting with myself!!

Hi Everyone, Hope you all had a fabulous new year bash!!. Ironical isnt it?? We started 2020 saying the same thing but we did not know what was in the pandora’s box untill it opened. The worst year probably for most of the people who lost their dear ones.

I had stopped writing in 2020. I do not know why? Probably I was trying to figure out how life was taking its own course. I am one of those fortunate people who did not get infected with virus and further there was financial stability. I stayed at my house daily, working 9-10 hours a day and quite significantly worked on my physical routine as well. Yes, I reduced 7 kgs weights during the lockdown and I got the best shape of my life.

But as the year started to end and things started to become normal, I realized that something is not right. I have not expressed myself completely to anyone. I am become quite vulnerable. Sitting in the balcony and looking outside in the blank has become the most needed thing for me right now.

I feel I am not connected with myself anymore. I need to reconnect with myself. I need to express completely and openly. I need to write more!! Does it happen sometimes that things do not make sense. Does it happen that you do not need anyone but just yourself.

I know to most of the people this post would appear meaningless and quite vague but I am sorry – This is what best I can write or speak for now.

I hope things will be back in line and I would reconnect with myself again!!. Take care

One thought on “Reconnecting with myself!!

  1. Hey, happy that you’re in shape physically. Things that don’t seem right will be. Give yourself some time. Staying at home for a year has been difficult for a lot of us. 💙


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