Couple -Are we!!

Couple – A very glamorous word. “We are a couple” is one of the most beautiful line I hear many people say in relationships. But do we really know what a couple is meant to be. What do we need to do in according to become “The Couple

There are very small things that we ignore in a relationship which make our relationship toxic. I have had my share of experience and so I thought of sharing some of very minor yet critical points which we should keep in mind when we let our heart take the lead.

Firstly, relationship is not a binding obligation on the partners. We tend to forget that we are with each other because we love the way we are. Many of us start changing each others’ approach towards life. It’s like we purchase an abstract painting but then we try to colour it the way we think it makes sense. Well breaking news, you just diluted the originality. So please avoid.

Secondly, we tend to forget that there is a very fine line of difference between compromise and adjustment. A relationship can survive adjustments but not compromises and too many compromises can weaken the essence of the bond. So let’s not compromise with each other.

Then, one of the problem that we have is that we look at the surface and not deep inside. We can’t judge anything by the way it looks. It’s like an ocean where above sea waves can be turbulent but deep inside it’s absolutely calm. So please always trust the fundamentals.

Take it easy. Yeah, we know this but we end up not taking it easy. Please remember that an ideal relationship is not driven by books and rules, rather books are written on ideal relationship. Take it easy. Do whatever your heart likes. Give space to your partner. Get naughty. Have sex. Sleep naked. Drink together. Watch shows together while cuddled. Do what your heart wants. Please don’t burden your relationship with unnecessary rules and shit.

Be best buddies guys. Do not state the obvious. Most of us take the pressure of being in a relationship and then try to zone out ourselves. Please remember to be a friend of your partner. Every sort of relationship starts with friendship, so please don’t forget that you’re first friends.

Now this is the most important aspect. Balance, yes, a much needed flavour to the whole bit. We need to balance things in a relationship. Don’t impose yourself too much on your partner. Don’t show too much love, care, dependence etc. Please realise that your partner is an adult and he or she understands things. He or she will do what his heart would guide him or her

Guys, the above are some of the basic things that I have learned over the period. I am into 9th year of my relationship (now happily married 😂😂) and I have realised that a happy relationship is a perfect recipe where there are elements such as love, trust, understanding, honesty, etc well blended and in a perfect proportion. A little change in proportion can spoil the fun!!!

Guys, these are just my views and people may disagree to some of the above. Absolutely respected. I would love to know some more points if you want to drop in. You see, once learning..always learning.

Happy writing people!!



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