Rape – Do we know why??

These days I come across a lot of articles, coverage, updates on a very gory crime called “Rape” / “Eve teasing” / “Molestation”.

All of a sudden it looks as if these crimes are at their peak levels (atleast in India, I am getting to read a lot)

It is good that there are many articles being published by people showing their rage on rapists demanding capitol punishment / rigorous prison but think of it, why is this crime not reducing then ??

I am going to write a few controversial statements so if that hurt any, I apologise but it is important to highlight these. Now I was thinking this morning, what are the possible reasons for increase in this crime. My mind could think a few reasons and I have categorised these reasons in a few categories:

Category A – Most heard of reasons

The most common reasons that I get to hear from media or from people (both males and surprisingly females too) are:

  1. The girl was wearing provocative clothes so possibly it happened
  2. Why did she have to go to market at night? She knows its not a good area
  3. This world is nearing towards its end – what can we do?
  4. There cannot be smoke without fire. She gives this slutty vibes

Now, these reasons are most common but most stupidest of the reasons one can ever come across. I mean how can any of these instigate a man to become an animal or give him a license to rape

Relevance of these reasons – Bullshit and people who give these reasons should be sent to asylum from immediate effect

Category B – Known but less spoken

  1. Frustration of a few category of men who have never interacted with women
  2. Real character of the rapist
  3. Poor judicial actions by the Government (lack of rigorous punishment system and poor law – it took us more than 1 year to punish the rapists of Nirbhaya)
  4. Motive driven (sometime honor)

These reasons appear to me as reasons who everyone knows but only a small proportion of people try to speak about it. Again, these reasons are relevant drivers behind the increasing gravity of this crime but to my mind, these are also not the burning reasons.

Relevance of these reasons – Moderately important and we should work towards fixing these issues to curb the crime

Category C – Known but not at all spoken of

Now there are some fundamental and basic reasons why this crime is breaking havoc on our society today and the reasons are quite fundamental.

Rapes are increasing because

Only a few women are giving a fightback – ladies, you (yes you) have to fightback. Each one of you have to fightback. If someone tries to mess with your dignity, you have to show him hell on earth. Remember a slap and courage today can forever protect our dignity (I am using our because your dignity is our pride)

Lack of proper education: In India, I feel there is some level of hypocrisy which lead to instigate these crimes. I will explain how, people would watch adult movies and discreetly see raunchy videos which would contain sex scenes but same people would not talk openly about Sex education. That becomes a taboo. Majority of people are not educated enough towards this topic and hence react in a awkward manner if these things being discussed. I cannot expect an openness towards acceptance of rape victims when people in India (including women) are not comfortably talking about periods issues. This is hype because it’s made hype. Even I used to feel a bit awkward a few years back but I am happy that this weekend I went alone and purchased tampons for my wife. We have to be forthcoming to solve this fundamental issue

Sexist advertisements and stupid movie conceptsYes, sexist advertisement and stupid Bollywood movie concepts are also one of the reason. Now I was watching an advertisement where a dud applies some 150 rs deodorant and girls get attracted to him. I mean that was the last shit Indian ad producers could think of. Well, not to brag about but I wear perfume worth 5k but still when I proposed my wife first, she said no to me (🙈🙈🙈🙈). Then I watched a scene in a movie where a goon acts cool and displays some 6 pack abs and a high street rich girl falls madly in love with him. Are we really serious now, what kind of messaging are we trying to give to anti social community. Think of it

These are some of the very basic fundamental issues which our society is currently battling with. The problem is that we don’t try to fix these issues but just write that rapes should be curbed.

To curb rape, we need to understand the real difference between men and women and trust me it’s not the physical outlook. We need to know who a woman is and what is our responsibility towards them. What’s her dignity to us? We need to stop politicising these issues. We need to make woman strong but ladies, you have to take first step. It may so happen that the hidden lady under each man can wake up to the cause and act.

After all lord shiva is complete when his half is complemented by the half of goddess Parvati and then they are called “Ardhnarishwar”

11 thoughts on “Rape – Do we know why??

      1. Yeah people do need to change their approach. Women need to take a stand for themselves and empower themselves and not wait for others to help them out. If you got to be heard you gotta scream at the top of your lungs yourself.

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      2. Absolutely. Bang on that’s what. I always ask my sisters, wife and every lady in my family that you guys need to step up. No one would take care of you better than yourself.

        In the process I can only help

        Liked by 1 person

      3. Yes it’s good to have a support but we must stand up first in order to use a support. And it’s good to see that you’re rasing your voice for such issues.

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