A conversation (a feeling)

He always considered Saroj to be his backbone.

She was 16 years old when she first took decision to quit her studies and shift to the new city of Jaisalmer with her mom and an elder sister. Her brother was then studying in Kolkata.

For two years Saroj couldn’t get admission in any school because of local curriculum issues and finally when her friends were getting admitted in colleges, she got admitted in school for class XI

But never did Saroj complained because she knew that after Dad, it was a long battle wherein on one side it was life being tough and on the other hand, it was her brother and herself.

Her brother, Manish got qualified as a Chartered Accountant but he was a bit reckless and hence was not contributing much to the family. One fine day, Saroj and Manish were talking on phone.

Manish: Life is so different here, you know I went for games today. And there is a house party in the night

Saroj: Hmm

Manish: What hmm. Why are you sounding so least interested

Saroj: No Brother, not least interested but there is no light as we couldn’t deposit electricity bill so just wondering.

Manish: Oops, sorry even I have no cash. Would give once my salary comes. Okay bye, gotta go,

car has come.

Saroj: Bhaiya, listen.

Manish: What now??

Saroj: I miss father today. When would you become a father

Manish laughed and said: Are let me marry first idiot.

Manish was indeed too dumb to understand the gravity of sentence. But as you know, life teaches everyone at the right time and Manish also learned his share in time when at one point of time he wasn’t even able to manage his house rent.

Saroj, helped her brother by paying off the rent from her savings (from her side tuitions which she used to give). Manish was deeply embarrassed and probably the life was taking a turn.

It’s been 7 years now and Manish has become a settled and responsible person and he is proud today as his sister is getting married. While he was alone in his room, Saroj came to his room.

Saroj: Hi, what’s up. What are you doing?

Manish: Just finishing up some expense calculations. By the way, I hope you got the amount which I sent to your account. Please get your stylist thing done

Saroj: Yeah I would. Listen no, please talk to me for some time.

Manish: Not now beta, have some urgent work. Have to pay some vendors and other stuff.

Saroj: I am not there after tomorrow. Then you will miss me. So please.

Manish looked into her eyes and he could sense the emotions swelling

Manish: Okay. There you go. Hmm. Tell me. How are you feeling ?

Saroj: How are you feeling ?

Manish: hmm. Let me think. I feel like after you are off to your home after marriage, who will act like mom here.

They both laughed and Saroj hugged Manish.

Saroj: Wanted to tell you something. Can I?

Manish: Yes, please beta. Here only

Saroj: Thank you Dad. I feel like to call you Dad today and you have compensated his absence today. Thank you Dad.

She looked into Manish eyes. Manish instantly had tears into eyes. He kissed his daughter cum sister on her forehead and said.

Manish: Thank you beta. You have made me what I am today. Love you. Now let’s go before I reverse my decision and keep you always with me.

Saroj smiled and went to her room.

Manish looked at his dad photo and said, “I hope you are at peace today. Your daughter is getting married. Love you dad”

He left to marriage hall. He had to do “Kanyadaan” of his daughter Saroj

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