The “bye”

Paras was all tired. There was too much of work and it was already 1.30 am in the office.

Finally after 6-7 hours, he could see Nisha’s (his wife) call. He got stressed to see that there were 61 missed calls of Nisha. He called back but she din pick up. Paras sensed the fight that he is going to face once he heads back to home. But he was wondering, “how dumb, she can call me 60 times but cannot message once”.

He was about to leave and he texted, “Babe, Left. Sorry got late. I know we had planned Dinner but we couldn’t go. We would do it tomorrow”. He texted and packed his bag.

The moment he got up, to his surprise he saw Nisha looking for his cabin in office. “Shit, I am fucked today”, Paras muttered to himself and called Nisha. “Babe, here”.

Nisha looked at her and smiled. She came to his cabin and said, “where were you. I called you so many times and needed you to pick up”.

Paras: I am sorry babe. Was busy in presentation so couldn’t see your call.

Nisha: Presentation is more important or your wife. What if I was in an emergency and would have called you.

Paras: Emergency even cannot mess with you. Now can we have dinner. I am terribly hungry.

They both laughed and had dinner. Paras was happy and sorted that there was no fight.

Paras: Lets go. Want to crash on bed ya

Nisha: Yeah sure, lets go. Even I want to relax. I am a lot tired and exhausted

They both sat in Paras cab and drove towards the home. Paras and Nisha got down from the car and he asked Nisha to open the main gate.

Nisha opened the door and waited at the main gate. Paras wondered why is she not going in. He started getting stressed that now Nisha will burst her anger off.

Nisha: You go. I just need to collect some stuff

Paras: Okay, waiting for you babe!

Paras went in and saw a number of people at his home. He was shocked to see so many people at this hour and he rushed towards the crowd to see what happened.

Paras fell on ground after what he saw. Nisha’s body was wrapped in a White cloth and kept on the ground.

Paras got scared and looked towards the main gate. He was wondering that he just had dinner then who was her. He asked his uncle crying profusely

Paras: Uncle, when did this happen. Why did not you call me.

Uncle: Beta, Nisha left for your office at 10 pm to surprise you and have dinner with you. But on the way, she got hit by a car. We called you so many times but you did not pick. We sent Mohan also but there was no one at your office and he couldn’t let in. Nisha was only saying your name durinh her last moments but she couldn’t survive and died at 1 am.

Hearing all this, Paras got scared, his blood got absolutely cold. He rushed towards the gate and saw a bloodied Nisha standing at the gate looking at her.

Bye”. She said.

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