Daughter – A powerful hope

I was returning from office today when I came across a very beautiful scene. So there was a lady hawker on the street selling bangles. It was quite humid that day (typical of Mumbai) and hence the woman was all sweat.

But what fetched my attention was a small girl (probably 7-8 years old) who was sitting near the lady with another 1-2 year old kid in her lap. Probably the lady was mother of those two children. I was further amazed to see that the girl was reading something in a book. Now, i got curious because you don’t really see something like this usually. I went to that lady with an excuse to buy a bangle and I started conversation with the girl.

“What are you reading” I asked

“Its my school homework, I have to complete today”. And then she again got engaged in books.

I started to now getting impressed by the sincerity of the girl and I asked another question, “Can you concentrate like this and is the boy in your kap not disturbing your studies”.

For a second, both the girl and her mother looked at each other and they started laughing. The lady gestured to her daughter as if she was asking permission to answer my question. Then she replied, “ Sir, two things. She doesn’t have an option as she is her father, brother, caretaker and everything. And for your records, my daughter is a class topper”

Now, I don’t know what could have been your reaction there but I got goose bumps. I could see a powerful woman in making. I was proud of her. She was a force who can best anyone at this point of time.

I smiled and I gave a pat on her back. I gave her my number and told the girl, “till I am alive, you will have atleast one opportunity

I was happy, retuned home and sat on my laptop to write something. And I wrote a poem dedicated to her and daughters like her. I am happy that there is still a hope..there is a light. What I saw was a real “Women Empowerment”. Below is my poem dedicated to her. (Shit I was so excited, din even ask her name)

Ek nayi soch hai tu

Ek nayi disha hai tu

Aane wale haseen kal ki

Ek nischal prerna hai tu

Tu hai jaise ek nayi umang

Tujhse hi hai jindagi ka rang

Tu hai ek jalti umeed ki jwala

Tere karam hai imaan ke sang

Tu rukna nai kabhi kisi toofan me

Hosle girana mat kisi mukam par

Khuda ke farishte sath chalte tere

Tu kabhi darna mat kisi shaitan se

Kal ke Naye daur ko sambhalna tu

Desh ki hili hui neev ko banana tu

Yaha har ek aurat ko ummeed hai

Kabhi Na tutne wali dhaal banna tu

Oh meri pyari behen, bus yeh kehnaj tha

Ek nayi soch hai tu, mera garv hai tu

Happy writing friends

Much love


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