Time – An unpredictable concept

I was fast asleep but suddenly started feeling very cold. This made me awake in an otherwise a very cold and lovely morning.

I called my wife for Tea but she did not respond; may be she couldn’t hear as she was working in Kitchen. I called her again but then also no response. I wondered what would have happened now. I was sure, I did not do anything which would make her angry.

Finally I convinced myself and I got up from my bed and I started looking for my sleepers. “Where are they? I kept here only last night when I went off to sleep? May be the maid kept somewhere else. She is one stupid lady”

I started walking towards the hall and I suddenly saw the same pair of clothes packed on the table which I was wearing. I wondered when did I purchase these. Suddenly I recalled what my mom used to say, “you don’t respect things which are in abundance”. I smiled and walked towards the hall.

As soon as I entered the hall, the scene in front of my was earth shaking. There were plenty of people in white clothes and my heart plunged as I started thinking about my mom. She wasn’t keeping well and suddenly tears came from my eyes thinking about her. I moved a bit towards her mom and was relaxed to see her on the chair. But why is she crying ? What has happened? Who has passed away?

I started walking towards the crowd and was stunned to see the scene in front of me. I could see myself lying and there are garlands on me and my wife was crying near my body. I couldn’t understand anything. What?? How?? Then suddenly I looked at the wall and they had kept flowers on my photo…what the fuck!!!!!!!!!! Am I dead? I started shaking and shivering in fear. I tried to touch my wife but I couldn’t. She cannot see me. Is this really happening. Am I dead. Oh no!! I didn’t want to die. Why?? Somebody please answer. Am I dead”

I was thinking all of these and suddenly someone said from the back, “Yes you are dead and I am here to take your soul” I did not want to turn but I did and “Shit” is what I screamed. It was the death messenger. He was smiling with a wicked smile and had a leash in his hands. He wanted me to take me with him.

“Please leave me here. I don’t want to go. My wife is pregnant. She would have a baby next month. My mother needs to have a cataract. My sisters are getting married next year. Forget all, I wasn’t even home since last week and have not spoken to them properly. Please spare me”. I pleaded.

He refused and said, “ it was not my fault that you did not attend your family while you were alive. They kept asking your time but you never listened to them. Now my dear friend, you have to come with me”. He said and held my hands. I started crying but he did not listen.

I screamed, “Mom, please stop him”. And my eyes opened. What!!!!!!!!!! Was it a dream. My wife woke up and she asked me if I saw a bad dream. It was 4 am in the morning and I was all sweat.

I had a glass of water and went off to bed again. The weekend schedule was fixed there and then. I cancelled all my plans with friends and decided to stay with my family the entire weekend.

Damn!!! God, thank you very much for making me realise the value of family and time. But please it was a shit scary dream.

I slept again !!

32 thoughts on “Time – An unpredictable concept

      1. I said I would’ve died in real if I saw myself dead in my dream. I’m terrified of dreaming hate them.


      1. Oops. Welcome to the league of people who have stated that to me. I don’t know why I have this easy equation with teens.

        Infact the intern who works under me, he is like 8 years younger to me and we talk like as if we are same age.

        Some problem with me ??

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  1. Such a scary dream!!!!! He he it reminded me of a movie, I guess Shahid Kapoor’s movie, similar to your dream but I forgot the title 😛 and yes, so meaningful!!! 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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