A last conversion with “Shame”

Hi Guys,

How are you all doing?

My today’s post is about the fading humanity and moral values in the society and one of the very sad victims of this situation is “Woman”. Yes, the “Woman”, “Devi” or many other names that is used to describe her.

It feels very unfortunate to see the modesty of women getting compromised in the hand of today’s men, the proud men. No, only rape is not the only mode of compromise, if we think of it, we do it every moment. Let’s see some examples:

  • Your bra is visible, please adjust it. Okay. It’s just a garment people. Would you tell a man, please adjust your tshirt, your vest strap is visible
  • Listen, these 5 days you have to be away from kitchen. Please ensure that you don’t touch utensils. Okay geniuses, it’s just a body process. Imagine a man bleeding so much in those 5 days and that too every month. Think through it guys !!
  • Don’t wear these provocative clothes. Otherwise you’re bound to get stares. My simple question – Why???
  • The killer one is a mother advising her own daughter “You would be a newly wed daughter in law. Behave properly”. Now my question to that mother is would you put such checks on daughter also.

These are just few of the instances. We have killed humanity absolutely today and the best part, we haven’t even realised yet. We need to take actions now!! I have ensured that all the above problems are witnessed at my house. You have to take the initiative!!! Yes. “Men” need to do justice to their identity and they need “being Men

My below poem is about the situation (hope we never reach there) when one of critical human values “Shame” leaves this world forever but she has one last conversation with human being citing her the reasons to live. Read it and let people know that we are moving towards a very sad end!!

Chala ja rha tha befikar main apne raste

Ki dikhi mujhe mod par ek sehmi hui si ladki

Pucha maine kaun hai tu yaha aayi kiske vaste

Kuch boli nai woh, ghoorti rahi mujhe woh ladki

Mera dil pareshan hua, main baitha uske paas

Dur ho gayi mujhse woh, tej ho gayi uski saans

Main sar par rakha hath, aur pucha pyar se

ghabra mat, Sar utha bata hasrat shaan se

Boli mera naam hai sharam, reh gayi hu akeli

Maara tumne insaniyat ko, thi woh meri saheli

Mujhe bhi aaj nikal diya hai tum sab insano ne

Dukhi hu main badi, aye aadmi tere kaarnamo se

Yeh sun main ghabra gaya, bola tu chal sath

Main rakhunga tujhe apne paas, har paal har hath

Dekha usne aur kaha tujh par bhi tha bharosa

Par tune bhi umeed todi, tu bhi nikla baki Sab sa

Kyu chup raha tu, jab aurat ho rahi thi begirebaan

Main ro rhi thi, chilla rahi thi, tu tha khada anjaan

Ja rahi hu ab is duniya se, kya hoga pata nai

Kaash rab na banata tujhe, dharti ki hoti yeh dasha (condition) nai

I can only say that I have imitated a move at my place. The women talk freely about their menstrual problems. There is no concept of mother in law and daughter in law at my house. No one would have to worry about their bra straps. Everyone wears whatever they have to wear.

Think !!!!

Be happy!!

Much love


37 thoughts on “A last conversion with “Shame”

  1. Great post. And I am glad that such so called taboos are so accepted in your family. But, I want to clear one thing, wouldn’t point out any particular woman because I am woman myself. The reason behind stopping or to be positive, freeing the woman for three days during the mensuration cycle is not ‘her’ but the cleansing of bio-energies which will be called ‘doshas ‘ in Hindi. It does not mean a woman is an untouchable at that time but the time when she needs to rest. It also has nothing to do with gender discrimination. Here I am not to criticise who protest against it but to pray that the reason behind this is not only spiritual but round about scientific. I embrace these three days because on the fourth day I am more energised then before.
    To be more precise- please refer to the following article-

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