Three Days Three Quotes Challenge (Day 2)

Well, this is the second day of the challenge. Now, guess where am I writing this post, “in a flight”. Because 2 hours of no disturbance is the best when you have to pen down your heart. Lol, on a lighter note, apart from flight my washroom is the best place when I have to plan out my stuff (🙈🙈)

Okay, so I would like to thanks Penfila (the meaning is loved by all – Indeed you’re loved by all) of Help break the silence for nominating me for this challenge. I hope I would be able to do the justice

So my second day quote is about what you should be in your life. Away from all tensions, away from all fucks, away from problems, away from complications, just close to your heart, a lonely heart roaming to his happiness in this world. Basically you should be “unfuckwithable

You read that, exactly. You should not care about the petty things and basically you should trance in your own zone. In India, such people are called “Yogis”. While it is very difficult to attain these state but we can start with small things which can help us such as

  • Do not let negativity and negative people enter your perimeter

  • Do not get bothered about what’s happening in the lives of other people rather focus on simplifying yours own

  • Try to remain happy and positive

  • Whenever rages comes in, try to remain quiet and sip in water (it does help a lot)

  • Do not let emotions drive you. It can best your rationale. I have been a big time victim of this 2 years ago when I let my emotions control my wits and I ended up becoming a man possessed with negativity (shit scares me to death even today)

So yeah, this is what it is people. Beunfuckwithable, be in your own trance. Be happy

Much love


7 thoughts on “Three Days Three Quotes Challenge (Day 2)

  1. Thanks for sharing. I got to know a new word today. Nice description.
    It is difficult to follow this. Especially, not to be affected by negativity. It’s a real challenge. But we have to try.
    And happy and safe journey.

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