Three Days Three Quotes Challenge (Day 1)

Heya folks, what’s up????

Sare ache hi honge. Weekend chilling. Okay, so firstly I want to apologise to my fellow bloggers who nominated me for some awards / challenge but I have been not able to put it up. That’s because life has been changing some turns these days. Turns, a bit challenging buy yeah the destination is beautiful if achieved. So am not able to spend enough time but then I realised the WordPress is not a duty to be performed rather its my passion. So here I am again

Okay, so I would take up today 3 days 3 quotes challenge for which I was nominated by Penfila of Help break the silence. I thank you very much for nominating me for this challenge.

Today it is day 1 and here it is; one of my fav quotes

Now, a few people who would have been reading my blogs must have observed that my quotes are revolving around wolves. Well there is no scientific but one reason that I just love this bad ass rebellious animal and I strive to be like him.

This quote just like him inspires me in my daily life. Its really your choice if you want to roam around with a leash on your neck or be really like a man of your own. Most of us in today’s world are tied with the leash – some willingly and some unwillingly. Its a matter of a call, one spontaneous moment, one decision and that’s it.

I have taken one of these in recent tomes and have been working on the same. I do not know what would be the result but hell yeah it gives me a good feeling.

So friends, be inspired and be happy!!

Much love


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