His last wish!!

They were tensed. They could not find Meera in that crowded place. The family was very much stressed and wild thoughts were creeping into everyone’s mind regarding the 8 year old Meera. Suraj and Raghav were scared to face Manyata and were wondering how would they face her now as they lost her daughter.

Everyone returned home and there were tears in everone’s eyes. Suraj was leaving to file a police complaint as suddenly the doorbell rang. Suraj opened the door and was delighted to see Meera at the door and to the peace of heart, she was safe. They asked the guard if there was any one who was there with Meera.

The Guard said “Ji sahib, ek aadmi chor kar gaya hai (Yes sir, I saw a person who dropped Meera at the gate). The family wanted to thank that person, hence asked the guard if the person is still downstairs. But to their disappointment, guard informed to them that the person had left. He was in rush and he did not even talk.

The family thanked guard, however guard stopped and said, “Sahib, woh aadmi ko main bahut baar dekhta hu aapke ghar ke aaspaas. Kitni baar usko meera baby ka peecha karte hue dekha hai. Kabhi kabhi woh Suraj sahab ka peecha karta hai. Aur toh aur, woh Manyata didi ka bhi peechta karta hai

(Sir, I have seen that person many a times at your gates. I have seen him following Meera many a times. At times, I have seen him following Suraj sir and sometimes toh he even stalks Manyata madam).

The family was worried and they thought of filing a police complaint. They asked the guard to inform them whenever he sees that man next near to house. The guard acknowledged and as soon as he was about to leave, he suddenly stopped. He saw that man standing near Suraj and suddenly he saw a picture of that man on the wall. The guard was scared to death and he asked Suraj about the picture.

Suraj informed to the guard that the picture is of his younger brother, Manav who died last year near the building. Suraj had tears in his eyes as he mentioned that Manav’s last wish was to see Meera always happy and that he loved Meera more than anyone else.

The guard could not move as he could see Manav standing besides Suraj and smiling at him. 


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