Your companion and destiny !!

Hey all, what’s up? Its been long since I posted. Lot of things going around. Sometime I feel that things are so simple yet complex!!

Anyways, so my new post is about a journey. A journey to meet God, our Creator. He never leaves us alone – is what my mom always taught me. There is one fundamental truth besides all,”everything happens for good”. The bible of Karma and Destiny – “Bhagwad Geeta” says that you must focus on your deeds rather than results

So yeah, my this post (and to even my surprise, I could write a short poem 😀😀) is based on the above fundamentals.

Tu chal ki tere sath tera maula bhi chal rha hai,

Teri kismat ki dor liye waqt bhi sath chal rha hai,

Na rukna, na thakna, bus chalte rehna aye raahi,

Andhero ki parwa na kar, suraj bhi sath chal rha hai

Sun aye dil, Khushiya bhi hongi, aansu bhi honge,

Kabhi ujaala hoga toh kabhi andhere bhi honge,

Kabhi lachhar toh kabhi hausla tera buland hoga,

Tu bus chal kyuki manjil par tujhe rab ka deedar hoga

Jakhmo ka na soch, jakhm tere bharega woh,

Tere pairo ko fasle tay karne ki qowat dega woh,

Teri niyat ka imtehaan liye woh teri madad kar rha hai,

Tu chal ki tere sath tera maula bhi chal rha hai

Let me know folks what do you think about it? What is your perspective?

Much love


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