The imperfect love story – Short tales!!

Hi Friends,

Hope y’all are doing great.

I am writing today an another short episode of the imperfect love story. You can go through the earlier posts on my blog.

A few of you would be wondering on the title that why is this an imperfect love story. That’s because its love story of two imperfect people. Me and my wife. (Aaj thakur bahut khush hai😂)

Okay, before I write the episode, there is something I wanted to say to all the couples out there. Sometimes we ignore to take stand for our partners in front of our elders. Whether it is because of our respect for them, or any other reason, please remember that by not taking a stand, not only you insult your partner but you also insult the word “love”. So please take stand and fight for what is correct. Parents / elder may go wrong. Even they are humans 😂😂.

Why is it so necessary for you to marry her? Koi physical thodi hue ho tum dono (Hope you guys have not had sex) asked his uncle.

He was utterly shocked at his uncle’s question and felt sad about the mentality of people like his uncle who could ask such a question.

He replied, “Its not necessity, but its love and that’s why I would marry her. And what would be your response if you find my sister in a similiar situation. Will you ask the same question”. He said this and rushed out of door.

An awkward silence spread into the room as his sister was looking at his uncle, probably for a response.

I hope you like it!!

Happy blogging! Please share your feedback!!

Much love


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