The imperfect love story – Short tales!!

Hi guys, I hope you liked the first episode of “The Imperfect Love Story”. In case you have not read the same, please read here. This series is not a sequel-prequel but a collection of short episodes wherein Niraj and Mili (ha, I mentioned your name, happy abhi!!) demonstrate how can you keep charm in your relationship.

The imperfect love story

So, it was Monday 8.00 am and Niraj was getting ready for office. 

“Yar, you know that I have to rush in the morning. Why can’t you wake up a bit early so that everything can be done timely” said Niraj as he was getting late for his early morning meeting.

“Whatever I can, I am doing, please do not shout”, a not so well Mili told Niraj.

Mili was upset that how can a person who used to understand her so well without her even saying a word is acting today in such an insensitive manner. “Why is he not able to see that I am not well, has he lost interest in me now? Has our marriage grown so old? I think he does not love me anymore..”

With all these thoughts in her mind, Mili quickly arranged Niraj’s bag and ironed his black suit. Niraj picked up his suit and left the home in a rush. Mili rushed towards the door to say bye but Niraj had left by that time and the door was closed.

Mili had tears in her eyes because today Niraj did not hug even him while leaving. The bell rang as it was milkman at the door like everyday. Mili wiped her tears and opened the door with container in her hand and suddenly there was a smile on her face. It was Niraj, he hugged him and said, “I am sorry babe, I missed hugging you. I love you, take care. And shaam ko dinner par chalna hai aaj. This stupid office..chal bye” and Niraj rushed again
Mili was happy now. Her day was sorted. The love was still breathing them. The charm was still filling their hearts. The marriage was still very fresh.

Hope you would like it. Keep happy ! Stay blessed!

4 thoughts on “The imperfect love story – Short tales!!

      1. Thts the most beautiful thing !. Friendship mh we share , understand each other better , ego nhi aata
        But marriage mh husband , wife khuch cheeze ruin kr sakte h life .

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  1. That’s correct. The best part of friendship is that there is never an element of egoism in it which can be there in the marriage. Friends raho, space do ek dusre ko and your life is sorted. End of the day everyone needs “me” time


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