Mothers’ Day

Main har waqt is dharti par aa nai sakta, isliye maine apni parchai ko zameen par chor rakha hai. meri is parchai ko “maa” kehte hai!!

(English – I cannot be there on earth always, hence I have my shadow sent on earth to look after you forever, my shadow is called “mother”)

Today it is Mothers’ Day. So I called my mother and wished her. She was very happy to see me through video and showed me the gift which I sent to her on this occasion. But just when I was about to disconnect the call, she asked, “Niraj, 2 mahine hai abhi toh tere aane me, thoda jaldi aa jata na. Aur please is baar 3-4 din reh kar jana, pls”.  We disconnected the phone and there was a painful silence at both ends.

Mothers’ day – a tribute to all the love which our mothers shower upon since we are born (rather since we are in her womb). But lets think of it, should we celebrate it on one particular day or should we celebrate it every moment. Today on my facebook, I am seeing lot of profile picture changes, sons / daughters posting pictures with their mothers but it left me puzzled. Are we just doing it for sake of social media or do we really mean it (my question may leave a lot offended!!).

A lot of us work in a city away from our mothers. We can celebrate mothers day by calling her everyday and make our presence feel closer to them.

She easily understands our state of heart even if we don’t speak out, but sometimes she doesn’t understand the modern day technology and trends. We can celebrate mothers day by explaining her these small things with patience.

She gave her entire life towards our happiness and life. We can celebrate mothers day by giving her sometime every day

She never abandoned us whatever may be the circumstances. We can celebrate mothers day by promising ourselves that we would take care of her.

She never got irritated by our questions. We can celebrate mothers day by not getting angry on her ever.

Happy mothers’ day 🙂

Keep writing!! Stay blessed!!

Much love


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