Three Days – Three Quotes (Day 3)

Well its not technically the 3rd day as it was a two days break because of my illness. Thankfully better now and hence back to wordpress 🙂

Before I write my last quote of this challenge, I again convey my gratitude towards Megha of  Inksoakedsoul for nominating me for this challenge. If you want to read some good poems, you should definitely visit her blog

So, quote..hmm, well the lines below are not technically a quote but a few lines which I have written and dedicate to my mom. As she is just sitting besides me (totally engrossed in TV :P), I just looked at her. My eyes could not move from her face with a simple smile, the content feeling even after so many sacrifices and her divine presence. Kabhi kabhi chup reh kar bus dekhte raho!!! She is here for a few days stay with me 😦 but it’s okay. 

“maa, tere aanchal me maine jannat ka sukoon paya hai,

maa, teri god (lap) me maine khud ka ghar paya hai

mere maula, koi shikwa nai hai is bande ko tujhse

tera aks, maine apni maa ki aankho me paaya hai 

Well thats it for today!!!

Keep writing amigos!! Be Blessed!!

Much love,



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