Three Days – Three Quotes (Day 2)

Hi Friends,

So it is second day of Three Days – Three Quotes challenge and again I would like to convey my gratitude towards the pretty lady Megha Bhartiya of Inksoakedsoul. If you wish to read some amazing content, you should definitely visit her site

So whenever it comes to a quote which relates most to my life, it always has to do something with my favorite animal, the “Wolf”. So my quote for today is:


Yes, there are two wolves residing inside us. One of them is Evil and is full of anger, greed, aggression and ego. The other one is gentle, generous, serene and believes in humility. Our actions and most importantly, our character is driven by the wolf dominating inside us. The important question here is “Which Wolf do you want to feed?” 

I do not think I would need to explain this further!!!!

Keep writing friends!! Stay happy!!


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