Three Day Three Quote Challenge (Day 1)

Hi Friends,

How are you all? Ache hi honge..

So I have been nominated for 3 days 3 quoted challenge by a beautiful lady, Megha Bhartiya. I thank her for the nomination and humbly accept it. If you wish to know more about this awesome blogger, you should visit her blog, the link is

Inksoakedsoul by Megha

So today is the first day, and my first quote is something which I believe the most. It is not a standard quote but a line which my grandpa taught me:

“The most beautiful and lethal attribute of time is that it changes “ (waqt palat jata hai beta) is what he used to say exactly 

Exactly, time changes and probably the only constant event in the world is that time will change. If you’re happy, tough times are going to come definitely. Similarly if you’re going through a rough patch, be assured that things will be better. 

So how should we deal with these dynamic situations. Its very simple and yet the most difficult thing, keep your fundamentals intact. It sounds very easy yet majority of us cannot follow. I myself couldn’t follow it couple of years back and I turned into someone whom I never desired to be. I forgot the basic attribute of time and behaved as if I have controlled the time but then reality check happened and I was left shattered under my own deeds. I quoted my example because its sometimes easy to preach what we haven’t faced in life. I learned the lesson hard way!!

So keep your nerves calm, your focus clear and your values intact. This is the only way that you can pass though the most difficult times in ease. 

Rest woh toh upar baitha hi hai!!! 

Thank you for spending your few minutes on reading this. Be happy!! Stay blessed!!

Much love


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