The imperfect love story – Chapter 1

Hey peeps, okay so in some of my few next posts, I would be posting some short love-fight (ouch, my wife hit me on back), okay short love stories. These shorts posts would be dedicated to all lovely adorable couples out there and would reflect what a husband (ouch, sorry, I have to send my wife to her room till I complete my post), I mean a couple should do to maintain love and charm in their relationships (phew!!)


It was 8.00 am Sunday morning.

People say that you cannot predict 2 things in the world (a) time and (b) an opportunity. I would want to add one more, (c) Rains in Mumbai.  After a long day of scorching heat, the gods were noble enough to lend some relief to us in Mumbai as it rained heavily last night.

I and Mili (my wife – you must be wondering why did I write it with bold and underlined, follow what I write next for some time and you would have the answer) had an amazing house party which we hosted for our lovely neighbor family, Manish and Manisha (to clarify they are siblings, common so much similar in names, they have to be siblings).

The morning breeze was cold, actually cold enough to not let me get up even after Imran called me innumerable times.  Okay, my fault, Imran is my personal fitness trainer (Yeah, you see how serious I am when it comes to fitness) and our good friend.

So where was I, yeah the lovely morning, the cold breeze, the cozy lights, a perfect romantic weather and just like any other romantic husband I cuddled Mili as she was sleeping, kissed her cheeks and wished her good morning. “Good morning babe” I said.

Mili nudged me a bit and I understood the meaning. “Please let me sleep” is what it meant to be quite clear (Experience quote – Do not underestimate the sixth, actually seventh..wait actually all the senses of your wife because in a game of chess called marriage, by the time you make the first move, she has already thought of  next ten moves).

The romance (okay one sided romance) was in the air and I was about to make the first move and all of a sudden, enters the villain of the morning. The milkman, he rings my doorbell. I pretended as if I did not hear the bell. He rang the bell once more and I dared to ignore again. Milkman left, and I was in peace.

Suddenly I felt Mili turning towards me, and her lips came close to my ear. A smile came at my face and my heart started racing in the thoughts of an amazing start to a morning (Well, you don’t really want to elaborate, do you?). As I felt her breath closer to my ears, she mumbled the magical words gently….

Babe, (my heart was pumped and diving in the moment. I couldn’t wait for her nod and then came the morning dossier) Get up and keep the milk inside. What do you expect, you would party the entire night and would not let me sleep also. This is ridiculous and who would up do these curtains. This sunlight is disturbing my sleep. If you do not want to sleep, please go to other room or gym”. Mili said very politely (okay not that polite).

I stared at her, and I got up from bed in determination…hmm yeah I did fix the curtains and slept again.

What an amazing climax to the moment and what a amazing start to the day!!

Tell me how it was? It was my first attempt at such a work and I hope I have not screwed up. 

Much love.

Keep Writing!!! Stay Blessed!!

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