The God on Earth – My Mother!!

I called up my mom today very early in the morning because the very moment I woke up in the morning, I felt a bit uneasy, a bit heavy on heart. I do not know the reason but my heart insisted me to talk to mom.

Mothers, I do not know what superpowers have God given to them, they can sense your state being from miles. As soon as she picked up call, she asked instantly, “kya hua beta, sab thik hai na (English – What happened son, all okay?). I had a smile on my face, and I loved this telepathy between me and my Mom.  I said, “Yes mum, all fine. I was missing you, hence I called just to say hi.”. Now do you know the best part, I know this would have been the best day for my mom on planet earth because her son called her in the morning just to say hi.

My childhood wasn’t a very comfortable and fancy one and I was raised by my mom in difficult situations. Dad passed away, when I was 10 leaving the responsibility of myself along with 2 sisters for my mom. From thereon, my mom forgot her identity and lived for only 1 dream, her dream and that was her son’s dream. 

I still remember that day when I saw a watch but that watch was worth INR 5,000 (back in 2008, INR 5,000 was a very big amount). I told my mom that had dad been there, he would have got me that watch. To my surprise, next morning I saw that same watch in my wardrobe and turns out, my mom had sold her ear rings to get me that watch. I went straight to mom and yelled at her for selling her ear-rings. Mom said with tears in her eyes, “Papa nai hai toh kya, main hu na (English – What if your father is not there, I am always there”). I had no words and I felt guilty inside to remind her of a loss which could never be made good. Yeah, I lost my dad but I had my mother. She had no body, she lost her soul mate. 

Have you been angry ever at your mom and said bad things. I am sure, 90% of people get, lets admit it that’s the way we are. Convenient and emotional. I also have. I cannot forget that day when my mom did not give money for my exam fees and I said angrily “Papa ki jagah aap chale jate toh acha hota (English – I wish instead of Dad, you would have gone to heavens”). There was an awkward silence and after a minute of pause, she had smile on her face and her eyes moist. She told me very politely “Beta, ab papa ko toh tu aise daat nai sakta tha na (English – Son, you could have never talked like this to your father. So its good that I am there). That night, around 3 am I just woke up to some noise and I saw my mother crying in front of Dad’s photo. I realised what a grave mistake I had done. I made a woman miss her husband. I made a woman feel lonely.  No efforts from my side can ever make me guilt free for that day. That day I promised myself that my mom would never miss dad again!! but then also I could never say this to mom. I am sorry mom !  I am !

A mother-child relationship is the most beautiful and purest relation among all because a mother feels her child’s breath in her during those 9 months. She carries the baby for 9 months in her womb and that’s why it is said that a mother knows her child more than his child could ever know her. 

I wrote a few lines which I dedicate to my mother and all the mothers in the world. 

 Woh jo kabhi has ke apne aansuon (tears)  ko bhula deti hai

Woh jo har baar apne seene me mujhe laga leti hai 

Jiske gile aanchal me maine sajda kiya hamesha

woh meri maa hai jiske qalb (heart) me mujhe panah milti hai

English – My mother is someone who always hides her tear behind her smile, she always keeps me warm in her heart. I have seen god in her shadow and her heart is where I get the eternal peace

Sorry, if its a lengthy one but the emotions just couldn’t stop. I stay away from my mother and hence (sigh). 

Anyway, keep writing friends ! Lots of love! 🙂 


22 thoughts on “The God on Earth – My Mother!!

  1. Very sincere and honest. Tears came into my eyes. Mother is a mother. She has the patience of earth. And forgives like earth… Kshamaya dharitri… Very nicely written and everyone will connect to this. Thanks for sharing!!

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      1. Are you taurus or libra or Scorpio?
        My sun sign is taurus, and according to nakshatra (time of birth, hindu system), i am scorpion.
        And i have observed , libra and taurus have similarity in certain things as their ruling planet is venus.
        Ah.. well… I like to guess so..

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  2. Arre haan, if ypu consider naama nakshatra, u know, acvording to the staring letter of ur name.. N, u r also scorpio.. may be because of that !!
    Hey , i like to analyse.. so m just writing all this…
    These nakshtra, zodiac signs, numwrology fascinate me!!

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  3. Lovely…. Maa, Maa hoti hai. Very relatable….
    “Agar ghar mein khaane wale 4 ho aur roti sirf 3, to ‘mujhe bhook nahi h’ kahne wali sabse pehle, Maa hi hoti hai…..”
    #LoveYouMaa…. 🙂
    Keep posting.

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