Three Days Three Quotes (Day 3)

Hi Folks,

So it is the 3rd and last day of the quotes challenge. Once again, I thank Saumya of Randomness Inked for nominating me to this challenge. It was fun!

My quote for the 3rd day is technically not a quote but some lines which I wrote randomly last Sunday when I was sitting in my balcony thinking of my childhood and staring at the beauty of mother nature. It was an amazing sight and …actually you should read the below lines and make it out yourselves.

The lines are in Hindi, however for my friends who do not understand Hindi, I would explain in English:

Kabhi ek pal theher kar dekho,

Un panchhiyo ko aasman me udte hue dekho,

Suraj ko baadlo ke daman me chupte hue dekho,

Dur un patto (leaves) ko sarsarate hue dekho,

Chaand ko baadlo ke baahar jhaankte hue dekho,

In taaro ko chaand ke sath naachte hue dekho

Is dil ki dhadkano ko ek baar sun kar de dekho

Aapne andar ke bachpan ko bahar aate hue dekho

Kabhi ek pal theher kar dekho”

The essence of these lines is to let your inner child come out and connect with small things and beauty of mother nature. It means that please stop for a second and see the beautiful birds flying in the sky enroute their home. Listen to the pleasant talks between the leaves of that tree at the distance. Witness the amazing dance by the stars to please the moon in the sky. Allow your inner child and purity to come out and hear your heartbeats. 

I feel surprisingly happy and light after writing this. Wow 🙂

Lots of love friends 🙂

Keep writing!! Stay blessed!!

17 thoughts on “Three Days Three Quotes (Day 3)

  1. This is so beautiful ❤ I'm just speechless! To me, Hindi gives the feels no other language can give!
    You ended the challenge on a great note.

    (Side note: There is a typo in the third line. It should be Suraj "ko" baadlo… )

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  2. This is really beautiful!!! Loved these lines!!! I’m glad you decided to post them… such lovely lines need to reach the hearts of many! This is indeed rhythmic… Keep writing! 😊😊

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