Three Days Three Quotes (Day 2)

Hi Folks,

Three Days Three Quotes – So its the 2nd day of the challenge. I thank Saumya of Randomness Inked again for nominating me for this challenge. 

Quotes – I have been hearing them a lot since my childhood. My Dadaji always quoted about efforts. Oh my grandfather, I would tell you all about him some other day, but he was a man of hustle, composure and efforts

One thing which my grandpa focused specifically was on failures (he failed a landmark 13 times in his ventures, before he finally made it big for himself). So my 2nd quote today is dedicated to him.

failure (1)

Failure is a bruise and not a tattoo – the essence being that failure is a temporary scar and not a permanent mark. A temporary scar which may pinch you for a second but never keeps you away from hustling. Tattoo resembles a permanent mark which is your success achieved once you have been through all your failures

I am happy that I am raised by him as he taught me to smile over failures. I failed miserably a multiple times but his lessons made me embrace those bruises 🙂

So my nomination for this challenge would be:




Thank you people. Have an amazing Sunday 🙂


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