Three Days Three Quotes (Day 1)

Hi Friends,

I never thought my noob writing would connect me to some amazingly talented people when it comes to writing. I feel very happy as Saumya of Randomness Inked nominated me for Three Days Three Quotes challenge. I humbly accept the nomination and convey a heartfelt thanks to Saumya 🙂

So here it goes. My first quote is about an animal whom I relate insanely. Its an animal which I find the most kick ass dude in animal kingdom and I so wish I encounter him some day. I know I may be sounding crazy but I see myself in this animal. This animal is called “The Wolf”. Yeah an alpha, an ardent rebel, one who can never be tamed and one who knows how to lead the pack. 

My first quote is:

b38e81dde9526f2c753988fdd80eba56 (1)

Fate whispers to the wolf; “You cannot withstand the storm” and the wolf whispers back, “I am the storm”

This is why I love this mighty animal. “The kickass” attitude, “don’t give a damn” approach and “take it head on” nature inspires me in my life to take on with my struggles with an insanely strong heart

There have been instances where I have been targeted by situations but I kept on my nerve because end of the day the storm has to bow down in front of wolf. 

I have 3 tattoos on my body and the next one would be dedicated to my favourite animal, the wolf

My nominations for this challenge are:

  1. The Pensieve
  2. Shreya
  3. Curiosity

Thank you people. Have a great Saturday ahead!

Keep writing ! Stay happy ! God bless! :):)

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