We are there!!

I wanted to write something today on my childhood and had almost written a draft but I am not writing on my childhood. There is something much more important, and serious thing to be discussed than my childhood.

As I was returning back from my office today, I saw a few children in a group with a candle in their hands and a poster in their tiny hands. The poster said, “What was my fault? Why was I raped?”

I stood there for a while and tried to look into the eyes of those children. What I observed next was something which broke my heart into pieces – their eyes filled with tears and disappointment. After a moment, I could not face them and I started to walk towards my home with a very heavy question.

“What was my fault? Why was I raped”

I also have the same question but I have these questions for those monsters – Why? Kyu? What was their crime? That they have a vagina! That you were frustrated! That you wanted to take revenge! That she dumped you!! Tell me why did you rape her? Why are those flowers murdered before they could ever bloom? Why did you rape an 8 year old child? Why did you rape Nirbhaya? Kyu!!! But I realise, I am asking these questions to wrong set of people because you are demonic and probably there is no heart beating beneath your chest

I read a post today where the person said that she is now afraid of stepping out from home. She fears that she may be next. It felt like a sting in my heart and a slap to my face. What kind of men are we? What have we become? India has always been a land of goddesses, so where has that respect gone? Why have we become so inhumane?

We take pride as humans and consider ourselves superior than animals. But are we? Think of it, animals are way better than us as even they respect their social values within their community. It’s good that all the species on this planet are not humans otherwise, the world would have ended in a miserable manner long back! 

I know there are plenty of us who are raged with whatever has happened to our sisters (be it in Delhi, Assam, Kathua or Unnao). Today with this post, I want to call out each one of you and join hands to assure all the girls who are afraid that

  • We are there for you!
  • We would stand as shield before someone lays a hand on your dignity
  • We would protect you from these monsters
  • We would hold your hands and walk in the darkness with you
  • We would never ever let someone destroy you
  • We love you and we would always make you smile

Nothing will happen if we would keep on doing candle march. These rapes won’t stop, and victims won’t get justice. If we have to eradicate these demons from our society, we have to join hands and take action against them.

If we can’t serve our sisters, we don’t deserve Rakhis. If we can’t protect our wives, we don’t deserve any karwachauth. If we can’t protect our daugthers, fatherhood doesn’t suit us. If we can’t protect our mothers, we should be shameful as sons.

Let’s join hands and stop rape!! stop honor killing!! stop abortion!! stop misbehaving with women!!

If we are men, let’s give the name a meaning worthy of. Let’s act like men


16 thoughts on “We are there!!

  1. Thank you Niraj for taking a step towards a rape free India for all the girls in India. As a man, as a brother, as a son, we expect only this from you. Respect the women of your home and respect others too. Thank you for this initiative. Carry on this lighted torch ahead in this dark era of our country. Jai Hind.

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    1. This won’t. One matchstick can light up the entire pile. I want this to reach out to the mass people so that they feel ashamed that their daughters, sisters, mothers are afraid of them only. This has to stop! This will stop !

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