Believe in yourself and him!!

I read somewhere that “the only thing complaining does is it convinces other people that you are not in your own control”.

Why am I saying this? Let me tell you a short story first.

Nirav was a hard-working and an ambitious guy with the sole primary objective to gain excellence in his work. He was passionate towards his work, much loved at workplace, respected by juniors. Above all, Nirav had an adorable and beautiful wife (Shreya) who loved him beyond words.

In Chinese, there is a saying “wu ji bi fan” which means that too much of anything gets worst and not better. This applied in the case of Nirav as his ever growing desire to work hard and achieve success started making him ignorant about his personal life and the tiny beautiful moments of life. Consequently, it took an enormous toll on his relationship Shreya.

Between all this, one fine day came an overseas project on a particular client who was being handled by Nirav since long and Nirav was awfully excited about that project. But as they say the world is not a fairy tale, that project was awarded to someone else in the team. What happened next was devastating to his professional and of course personal life

His wish for that project, aspirations and ambitions took the best out of him and this incident disturbed Nirav to an extent that once a cheerful and high-spirited Nirav turned into a depressed, frightened and an aggressive person. His juniors who once respected him, started living in fear of him at workplace. Shreya stopped talking to him and he became an emotionally wrecked person with no one to share his feelings about.

The appraisals happened at the year end and Nirav suffered significantly in his career because of the above events and consequences which unfolded during the year.

Time heals every wound and so as the time passed, Nirav eventually recovered from his fiasco but that one particular year took away his image which couldn’t be restored to what it was.

Let’s take a moment and think what just happened? What made an otherwise stable guy do such stupid and petty mistake and in the process hurting himself and his loves ones?

Nirav had purest of intentions behind his act. He wanted to grow, he wanted to work and he wanted to set up an example but his approach wasn’t correct. He pressed his ambitions too much and in the process he opened up a can of worms for himself. He lost trust on himself.

Life (sigh..)..It changes man!! Everyone has a role described.. God has destined everyone to move towards a particular future and whatever you do, in the end it would be the choice of almighty. People may conspire against you and situations may become terrible, but you need to hold your nerves and wait for your turn. Remember – everything flips!!

I couldn’t resist to write a line which as per my Mom is a simple message from God to us:

Tu karta wahi hai jo tu chahta hai,

Hota wahi hai jo main chahta hu

Tu kar wahi jo main chahta hu

Hoga wahi jo tu chahta hai”

For my friends, who do not understand Hindi, it means that God tells us –

“You always do what you want to do,

But you always get what I want you to get,

You start doing what I want you to do,

And Watch, you would get, what you aspire to get”

Nirav, he is my friend. We meet sometimes and laugh at whatever happened. I know somewhere inside, that incident, that one particular year still hurts Nirav but am happy that he has come into light from the shadows and is set upon a right path now.

Trust yourself. Have believe in you and have faith in the God. Always remember are beautiful things awaiting you.

What about you? Share an incident and learnings from this tough lesson called life. Till then…

Keep writing!! Keep blogging!! Stay blessed!! 🙂 🙂

23 thoughts on “Believe in yourself and him!!

  1. Beautiful post!! Generally we read post titles like, “believe in yourself” but when I read, ‘……and him’, my eyes got stuck there for a minute. Awesome post!

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      1. Oh I’m sorry to hear that! I hope everything goes good!! Well, you can share that experience.. if you don’t mind!! May be I can help you somehow.😉 Have a great time ahead!! May good bless you! ☺️

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  2. We do end up destroying precious times in our lives by taking the wrong approach. But yeah, time does heal everything. Glad that your friend is doing better now. 🙂

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      1. Do you mean this is your story?
        But I read one of your comments stating that’s he’s your friend Shravan.


      2. Shravan was typo. 🙈🙈. Ya this is. 2016 it was. The year wiped out everything. I wish I could but cannot write everything. I am now gathering the lessons learnt and sharing with people so that they don’t end up doing the same mistakes 😃

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      3. Ohh.. I did guess that you changed Niraj to Nirav but that comment. Anyway, I know what you mean by “can not write everything”. We all face hard times. And those hard times give us the lessons for life. And we get the lessons throughout our lives. If you feel like talking anytime, feel free. 🙂

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      4. Yeah, you are right. We try to disown the characters we write about. We heal when we own the character. Everyone takes their own time to do it. 🙂

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  3. What beautiful sentiments. There are so many incidents an learnings as you put it from this tough lesson called life. I think that I recently started my blog was to put them down for someone, anyone to read. Love your blog!

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  4. I read this post the other day. What you wrote about what God tells us stuck in my head and my heart and I wanted to find it again so that I can always remember those lines. I chanced on it again today. I think I was guided. Thank you so much, I will carry those words with me.

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