Defining the purpose!!!

Hi Fellas, I am overwhelmed by the feedback received from you all..It feels special!!

In my last post, I wondered what is being human?..but think of it..for being a human we need a mom once told me…

“Beta (for my western counterparts, it means son in India)..there is nothing more comprehensive than a man with purpose..Define a purpose and see yourself grow beyond sky”

Hmmm…deep thought..isn’t it..So I decided my purpose..To become an investment banker (hahaha, i am laughing at myself even when I am writing this). I am an “Investment Banker” (Yes, in our world for some reason this word has a bigger deceptive meaning attached).

My salary gets credited on last business day of every month and I start the monthly calculations of expenses. Each month passing by, the satisfaction comes from the amount of penny saved month on month. A happy feeling for me and a proud feeling for my family to see my ranks rising…Is that the purpose achieved?? Have I made my mom proud or I have not understood only the underlying meaning of her sentence..Being human..

I wonder, what about the forgotten dreams and desires? I hear a lot people telling me that I have achieved a lot and that now I can consider myself a self made man but the inner tussle between joy of achieving and fear to lose (not anything tangible but the “opportunity”) is always constant.

Sometimes I start interospecting myself whether have I really achieved what was ought to be. Have I met the purpose..actually do I know the purpose?? DO I KNOW WHAT NIRAJ WANTS..AM I CONTENT..HAVE I DONE ENOUGH..IS THE LINE DRAWN 

Amidst this the inner me shouts that dude, you wanted to be a banker..okay check…”now what” is the constant question which my heart screams? What would content me? A merc, A BMW, seven digit salary, an overseas job!! What?? Where is the end? Is death the inevitable end?? Life has become a game wherein by each stage crossed, the game is getting difficult and eventually the game will be over.

In the quest of my purpose, I realised that 2/3rd of my life is spent in a shallow deception of overcoming struggle and happiness. I allowed my poor heart to oscillate between the joy of achieving things or fear of the game of life getting over.

One thing I always wanted is to sit besides a river and see the nature demonstrate its power..Check…I am travelling to Ladakh (a desert in North India)..Trust me the happiness and excitement is beyond imagination…The excitement to discover myself…

Do you know what is your purpose ?? Please tell me and share your experience and learning from the most toughest lesson called “Life”

Have a great day people!!

22 thoughts on “Defining the purpose!!!

  1. Hello Niraj, thank you for reaching out to me, following and leaving me your link. I read your first post. That’s when you realized life is so
    much more than your profession. I wrote a piece called ‘What would you do for free?’ Have a read and I love engaging with my readers so leave a comment, I am curious to know what you think!

    In your second post, you are a lot
    More contemplative and are asking yourself a lot of questions, which is really good! Because sometimes in the rat race that is human existence people forget to think, create and imagine. That is limiting. I started my blog to encourage people to start something new, to explore their minds as well as places. My one advice would be to read blogs that you gravitate towards and provide your feedback and you will receive feedback organically. Also, you will learn a lot.

    Stay curious & hope to see more of your posts soon. Also, would
    love to see your engagement in some of my posts as well:)

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  2. That’s so much insightful.
    I m a commerce student and gonna be a 🎓 soon..
    And I m confused with my career choice.
    I wanted to get in a media firm or create a content for the firm.. And don’t want to be an accountant all through my life..
    It’s all so confusing.. And to make our family believe in us is another tough job..
    Anyhow I need to follow my heart..
    Let’s hope for the best..
    Hustling… 🙂
    You can check my instagram
    IG : april_autumn12

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  3. Interesting introspection.

    I think that all of us start off with the will and aspiration to achieve something. It’s just where we all draw the line. Some people are happy getting a good grade in 10th standard and draw the line and chill after that. Some people are not happy even after they have bought a house in Bahamas. Of course there are other factors which also affect your choice of “drawing the line”, but point being you and I and everyone else has to find that point and then exit the rat race and sit and watch the river flow

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      1. I can’t agree more with you on this. Some of us do realise it at times but there is a knock again and we continue with our running.

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      2. Yes! I go office daily but it feels that life is stuck between two local stations and two places!!

        Writing is one of the fundamental changes which I have incorporated in otherwise a purposeless ordinary life !!

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  4. I am retired now and feeling much of what you write about. Wondering what my purpose is and feeling like I did not achieve it during my professional life. So now I am searching and hoping that blogging will help me to achieve what I hope is my more profound purpose, but scared that I will not be able to achieve it.

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    1. Purpose should make the heart content. There shouldn’t be any stress towards achieving the purpose rather it should be attained.

      Do whatever makes you happy! If your heart gets satisfied and happy, the purpose is achieved.

      God bless!!


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