The Journey Begins

My first write-up as a blogger!!!!..

Well Well..I never thought I would gather the courage or rather would give importance to my desire of writing about my thoughts ever..But here I am..

I sometime in the middle of something and out of nowhere start wondering about the true purpose and motivation behind everything that I am striving for.. I am a human..I am being human but how??

So when I was coming back from my work, I looked at my watch and the time was 7.30 pm..Suddenly the time chart for next few hours..rather until tomorrow was there in front of me.  8.30 pm @ gym…10 pm@ home watching some show…@12 am work and again 8.15 am @train to office…Is that it??

I wonder when did we (“humans”) become so predictable and so sure about what lies there in the future..or are we living in some sort of self created delusion. But what concerned me was that why was I not thinking of that very present moment and excited about taking to my fellow passenger (the very reason we are called social animals)..In the thirst of defining myself, I have probably forgotten who really I am..In the race of life, I forgot the importance of a second pause!!

I think I forgot being human


57 thoughts on “The Journey Begins

  1. Certain Write Ups don’t deserve a feedback. When things come out from the heart, I think we should just stop and stare rather than put them out for judgement.

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  2. Your thoughts and your feelings creat your life.!! And by this blog you made it clear to enjoy your present rather than thinking about future 😄

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      1. I wonder when did we (“humans”) become so predictable and so sure about what lies there in the Future

        This one really touched me

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  3. At times it is those few subconscious thoughts that truly tells us where do we come from and where are we going. It is a must for us as “humans” to ponder on these thoughts. Nicely written Niraj.

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  4. Hi, found you on First Friday; you left me a link. Nice to meet you!

    An interesting thought. How would you define yourself as ‘human’, what is it to be human? I like your contemplative thoughts, and I like how you bring your personality into what you write. I think there are a lot of introspective people on here who would relate to what you write.

    If you would like advice, I would say to make sure you have a clear purpose and outcome for each post (even if that post’s purpose is to breed enquiry), within an overall plan for your blog. You may have already done this. Make sure you have a clear idea what topics your blog will include and the style of your pieces, (readers like continuity) and if you wish to have several topics, use the tags in the edit post options to categorise for ease-of-reading.

    Secondly, just read through your work afterwards for any sentences that cause the reader to stumble. This is something all writers have to do, because the way we think isn’t necessarily the same as the way we read. Change any sentences that are difficult to read to make them simpler.

    A great first piece, you have tonnes of potential, and are clearly quite philosophical. Which worldly questions will you be delving into next, I wonder?

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    1. Thank you very much for this feedback. I felt glad that you gave such a detailed feedback and you understood what am I trying to speak out.

      Would work on your advise and seek your guidance. Thank you again

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      1. It was my pleasure. I hope it is useful for you! You have a lot of potential!

        If you haven’t already and fancy, I would be very grateful if you would check out my site. Leave a like or comment if you like, and if it strikes you and you hit ‘follow’ then you will make my day!

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    2. Hi, I published my another post. Tried to follow your suggestion. Please let me know your valuable feedback.

      Also can you guide how do I connect with larger community and seek inputs. Thanks


      1. I read it and it was much better. Nice job 😊 It is always difficult writing in a language which is not your native one, and the nuances of words take a little while to get the hang of – especially English which is so fiddly! I would suggest reading examples of good English as much as you can, and writing frequently, this way you will learn faster.

        In terms of connecting with the larger community, it is a case of taking the time to read and comment on people’s posts, helping where you can, and building relationships, just as I have spent time with you.

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  5. That is really deep… I honestly dont know what to say… Sorry for not being able to leave a more detailed feedback…
    But I really needed to read It, thank you.

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  6. Hey,
    I think this is a great start for a blog.:)
    And I love that your not chit chatting around.
    Just straight to the point!

    As a feedback I would maybe suggest that you go a bit deeper in the questions that you raise.

    To me this post was over too soon. I would have liked to read more about your thoughts.

    However, if you want to keep it short and just produce more, I totally think that’s alright, because, I will definitely follow you and read through some more.:)
    Hope you keep it up!!
    All the best to you, and may the writing open a new door that banking never will.:)

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    1. Hey thanks for taking out time and providing feedback. Actually I was bit scared to write and hence finished it. I will write today again and would request if you can guide me over the coming post too. Thanks again.

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  7. Congrats on starting your blog! I know how nerve racking that could be. I really enjoyed your post because it is so sincere and relatable. In this crazy world, we live in a rush and often forget to enjoy what is really happening.

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      1. Hey! Well he Daily Post has the Community Pool every Monday were all bloggers are welcomed to participate… except Daily Post is doing maintenance to their site and will not be doing the Community Pool this upcoming Monday.

        Also, Daily post has First Friday post for new bloggers to post their sites and on Wednesday they have a weekly photo challenge. You can use all this opportunities to promote your blog and meet fellow bloggers 🙂 Hope this helps!

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  8. Loved the way you expressed it. My thoughts.. the social animals are too busy running the rat race which they are never meant to be a part of.

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  9. Welcome to the blogging world.
    As a Mumbaikar there is lots of business and fastness sort off in life.
    I have been in Mumbai few times I know at what pace the city or the financial capital of India runs.
    And if one wants to be on top needs to work… A lot..
    Take care..
    I know you will find yourself soon..
    Just get close to nature..

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  10. I agree with you and often have these thoughts when stuck in the rat race of life. I find always having a future holiday planned and seeing the world is the way to keep myself afloat. Great post, would love if you could check out my blog sometime and let me know what you think!

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